Wednesday, March 14, 2007

i love ny

I should just rename this blog I <3 NY cause really, what else is there to talk about in life except my undying crush on this amazing city. Perhaps it is only puppy love, perhaps it will fade, or perhaps I will develop the long term relationship of my dreams with this amazing metropolis. There is really NOTHING like it anywhere. It's so much better than Boston. Sooooo much better. I can't even begin to explain. (No offense to Boston - it's just not NY.)

And this is me not having even DONE anything remotely interesting in the city yet. :P I've been way too busy with my new job and unpacking and doing revisions to even enjoy it much. But I'm in love. Serious love. I can now totally understand how NYC was like a character in and of itself in Sex and the City. I really need to buy that box set and rewatch it all.

Ahem. Yeah. Anyway.

Tomorrow I'm going to go meet up for a drink with Diana Peterfreund, who is in town with her family. Will be great to catch up with her. And of course talk about World of Warcraft. I see from her blog she's got a level 24 character now. Ah, the addiction is sinking in. My main is still hovering about midway through 68 as I haven't had a ton of time to play. Very sad. And this weekend I really need to concentrate on my revisions.

Anyway, I'm off to take Molls on a long walk - it's really nice out today. In the meantime, check out Diana's galley gallery. There's a very silly pic of yours truly with my Stake That author copies. What the heck was I thinking??? :P



Katherine E. Hazen said...

You may now be my favorite person in the world. You have just confirmed to me that it is possible to both play WoW and write while still watching the tv shows you love. I've stopped playing lately to work on my book more, but just started playing again last night. All night long I kept asking myself "is this going to get in the way of writing the book? should i be spending this time writing?" It was nice to take the break from writing though so I don't get burned out. I think I might have to find a nice balance between the two.

So here's the important question...horde or alliance?

Oh yeah, and what class?

Marianne Mancusi said...

haha it's true, it's true! It can be done! I published three books last year and have three out this year and I play WoW like a fiend. Of course I have no other life between the two, but whatever. ;-) I usually write in the AM before work or right after I get out of work. I don't let myself log on to WoW til 9pm then play til aprox 11-12pm. With that level of play I can still manage to churn out the books. And it's such a great stress relief! After a hard day, there's nothing better.

I'm alliance. Stonemaul. My main is a warrior. I love charging in and getting whacked on the head a bunch of times and leave it up to the carebears to heal me. :)

TJBrown said...

Love all the posts on NY, Mari. It's like my alter me getting to do something I always dreamed about.Not that I think you're my alter me. That's just creepy and stalkish! LOL It's just something a different me might have done:)