Monday, March 26, 2007

Happy Monday!

First I want to say congrats to my dear friend Barb Ferrer, who double finaled in the RITA awards. Woot! So deserving!! Congrats to everyone else who was nominated for a Golden Heart and RITA as well.

I had a good weekend. Got to meet up with Nadia Cornier and Lauren Barnholdt and her BF Aaron. We went to a wacky place in the village called Jekyll and Hyde's. Sooo silly. But fun. And yummy nachos. However, they don't tell you it's not free soda refills even though they keep refilling your glasses. I think we spent like $30 on diet cokes. Grr...

On Sunday AM I woke up really early and headed over to Tavern of the Green to cover the More Magazine Marathon. Was great to see all those 40 plus women out there running. Inspired, I got out there in the afternoon to run around Central Park myself. Well, part of it anyway. I'm pretty pathetic compared to Marathoners.

I finished my revisions for Moongazer as well. Cheer! Now I just have to revise Girls that Growl and my middle-grade proposal. Oh and finish my #4 vampire book proposal. And then write The Camelot Code. But Moongazer is done!! I dropped it off at Dorchester at lunchtime. Woot!

For dinner on Sunday I met with my agent Kristin Nelson. I'd never met her in person before (she lives in Colorado) so it was a lot of fun to catch up. I like her a lot. And she's certainly doing great things for me. We ate at a lovely Tuscan Italian place called Da Silvano's in the village. Good wine and good food and a really good artichoke appetizer. I'd definitely go back.

So a good weekend, all in all. And lots more fun to come this week! :)


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