Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Busy but good

Hey all,

Sorry I've been a blog slacker. Just been busy, busy, busy! And it's not about to let up either. Next week I've got friends in town attending the PASIC conference so there will be dinners with them and a dinner with my agent (who is in town from Colorado) and then the New England conference (What, I have to go back to Boston?!?!?) where I'm speaking on YA and then a couple days hanging with Liz Maverick while we plan our SHOMI book world domination, etc. etc. Also, I have to work this Sunday covering the More Magazine marathon. Should be fun though and I'll get to meet Mariel Hemingway though, who, while impressive as an actress, also interests me because she's like the granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway, my writer hero. (Don't worry, I'll play it cool.)

They tell me I'll be interviewing a lot of celebrities in my new job. I think that means I need to buy new clothes. Right?

My new sofa is finally arriving on Tuesday! My apartment will finally be complete and then I promise to take pictures and post them. It's a sleeper sofa so all my friends can come visit me!!

Still slogging away on revisions. It's tough to work all day and then write all night. But I don't mind too much cause I love both jobs. I will be happy when Moongazer is finished, however, so I can move on to other pressing projects.

I'm doing well on my "read one book a week" thing. Really enjoying reading again. It's been too long. Sometimes it can be difficult when I'm on a subway so I think I'll stick to mass market paperbacks over trade. So far since I've been in NY I've read:

* Everyone Worth Knowing - Laura something or other (Devil Wears Prada chick)
* Dream Hunter - Sherrilyn Kenyon
* An ARC of Wired (Liz Maverick's SHOMI book - it's sooo awesome! Wait til you guys read it!!!)
* Idoru - William Gibson (What I'm reading now. Cyber Punk geeky stuff. hehe)

So that's chick lit, paranormal, action/futuristic, geek. I can cycle through those genres pretty easily I think. Oh I should probably add a YA to the mix as well. Maybe normally combine paranormal and futuristic. Then that's one book a month of each.

Anyway, I digress. Will pick a YA book for next week and report in.


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