Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Day #2 in NYC

My apartment is being painted today, but I think I'm going to paint over their paint and give it a nice color accent wall. I'm thinking a pale yellow that won't clash with my forthcoming red couch. I've never painted before, so this could be interesting...

I only brought a few outfits with me cause I had so much to take with me on the train and I'm already suffering from lack of good wardrobe syndrome. I cannot WAIT for my clothes (and furniture) to arrive on Saturday. Then my real New York life can begin. :)

I found a great pedicure place where they do the added 10 minute back massage while you wait for your toes to dry. I'm a big fan of this because 1) I love back massages and 2) I am a total ADD case who can't sit still 10 minutes, waiting for toes to dry without going crazy.

Oh and I'm reading Everyone Worth Knowing by Lauren Weisenberger - of Devil Wears Prada fame. Totally digging the local NYC scene insider stuff now that I'm a resident. All the geography she mentions and places have so much more resonance now that I'm here. I think I should go rewatch the entire Sex and the City series as well.

As soon as my TV arrives...


PS It's release date for Alyssa Day's Atlantis Rising. (AKA Alesia Holliday's new paranormal romance.) Go buy it! You won't be sorry!

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