Thursday, February 19, 2009

Puking at Fashion Week? Priceless

So today was supposed to be a fun-filled adventure at New York's Spring Fashion Week. I had the backstage access to Rebecca Taylor and was working two stories for Better TV. Instead it turned out to be a nightmare. (WARNING: Not a good post for sensitive stomachs or those eating - though I'll try not to be too descriptive!)

I started feeling a little weird at work. Really tired, run down. I was a bit worried since I'd gotten like nine hours of sleep the night before, which is a lot for me. Not to mention Jacob had just gotten over a horrific stomach something-or-other that we attributed to possible food poisoning. I mean, he was messed up hardcore for two days- couldn't keep anything down.

Anyway, I ignore the symptoms, hoping they'll go away if I have a little lunch. After all, I HAVE to do this shoot. And I want to! So I eat and feel a tiny bit better and my photographer and I head down to the tents. I'm wearing some pretty intense high heels and my feet are killing me, but I figure I won't be walking much so no big deal. More important to look fashionable, I decide. After all, once we finish part one of the story, we're heading over to the Rebeca Taylor after-party to shoot some more footage and mingle with some regular Better TV interviewees. Fun!

We go through the backstage. See Jamie Lynn Sigler (who I've interviewed before), one of the Real Housewives of NY (Ramona - who I am shooting a story with in a couple weeks.), and in the tents we see Tori Spelling and her husband Dean. She looks pretty in real life. Very polished. I can't wait til she's on the new 90210 again!

ANYWAY we get our set-up shots of Mina Jacqueline-Au, the socialite who we work with all the time at Better, and Mary Rambin of who we're also doing a piece on. (About bloggers at Fashion Week.)

Mina urges me to find a seat, but I suddenly feel extremely sick. Faint and sick to my stomach. I want to see Rebeca's collection SO BADLY - I loved her spring show back in the fall and her clothes are so feminine and pretty. But I realize I need to suck it up and head outside. So I walk out the front door, watching mobs of people trying to get into the show. Hopefully the girl who took my seat is a big fan and was worthy of admission. :)

I walk out and sit down and wonder what I should do. At the very least I'm supposed to interview Mary for my blogging story after the show. But I feel so badly! I can't find a free bathroom and the heels are stabbing into my feet like knives as I try to push through the crowds. I find a Starbucks, finally, but it's one of the bathroom-less kind. I start to panic. What am I going to do?

Marty calls and Mary calls and I arrange to meet them, but then the sickness overwhelms me. I tell Marty I have to go and I quickly empty my makeup bag - the only bag I have - to prepare for the inevitable. I don't even make it out of Bryant Park before I lose my lunch. People all around - so embarrassing! Though someone at work joked that I was just like the models now.

Now I'm in bed. Have thrown up everything I've drank this afternoon. Feeling weak and yet bored. What a horrible sickness! Now I know what Jacob was going through. Major bleh! And I'm sad I missed the show and the party and that my story might not work out anymore. Booo!! Also we're moving on Sunday and I should be packing, but there's no way I can get out of bed at the moment. I will definitely need to stay out of work tomorrow.

I guess it's horrible to feel sick anywhere, but NYC is particularly bad. There's no place here to be alone. You're often in spots with no bathrooms. And you don't have a car to drive home with. I figured a cab would make me sick so I ended up taking the subway.

So that was my "glamorous" day at Fashion Week! Oh well, there's always the fall shows!



JT said...

Get well soon...sounds like you have what I just got over this this week.

cherie said...

Hope you feel better soon. How awful.

klunker said...

Feel better soon! Puking at the fashion show at least made a good story.