Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day Recap

With Valentine's Day on a Saturday the celebration can go all weekend long!

On Friday we pre-celebrated by grabbing some BBQ and then seeing the 10:00 show of the Friday the 13th remake. I thought it was a very worthy remake (or reboot/reimagining whatever you want to call it.) I didn't think the new Jason was as good as Kane Hodder, but only true fans would understand my reasonings why so I won't get into it too much here. But I thought it was a lot of fun and in the true spirit of the originals. (And certainly a lot better than certain installments (*cough* nine *cough).

But you want to hear the romantic part of the weekend, I know, I know!

On Saturday I woke up to a dozen red roses, a bottle of champange (for the evening, not breakfast!), and some Teuscher chocolates.

Valentine's Day

If you've never had Teuscher chocolates - they're these special chocolates flown in daily from Switzerland. So delicious! Jacob picked a box of champagne truffles and one of chocolate mints. They're made with no additives or perservatives so they have to be eaten within 10 days. I think I'm up to the challenge.

Valentine's Day

He also gave me a fluffy bathrobe and some of the softest flannel pajama bottoms - two things I've been really wanting. Shows he pays attention to my rambling. :)

After having breakfast and watching the Valentine's Day 30 Rock, we started packing. We're moving to our new apartment in a week and decided to bring some stuff over today to get started. (We have storage space to put stuff in before the apartment is ready.) So we packed up a zipcar SUV and headed to Jersey City.

New Apartment

I know you're probably saying JERSEY? You're leaving NYC for Jersey? But truthfully, it's just over the river - one stop on the PATH train and you get SOOO much more for your money there! Our apartment is almost a thousand sqaure feet for one thing, whereas similarly priced buildings in NYC only give you 650 sq feet. It has a washer/dryer IN the unit (unheard of for NYC), a dishwasher, two bathrooms, and a balcony that overlooks the Statue of Liberty. In fact, I think that's what I like most about the place - it's right on the water. There are also tennis courts and a fitness center downstairs.

Here's the skyline view from one side...

New apartment skyline

And here's the sunset view from the other.

New apartment sunset

And you can walk along the water on a little promenade.

New apartment marina

I'll post more photos next week - of the actual apartment - once we move in. But I'm very excited to leave Queens and become a resident of Jersey. Who knew?!

After dropping our stuff off we went back into the city for dinner at Rosa Mexicano, a delicious upscale Mexican restaurant in Union Square.

They make guacamole by hand right at your table.


And serve it in a molcajete shaped like a pig!


They gave us a free jar of salsa as a Valentine's gift and I tried their signature drink of the night - a Passion Margarita. Served with a rose petal floating on top.


It was a delicious meal and I left feeling so full, but happy! Jacob definitely made Valentine's Day memorable and special for me!! Even the packing was fun. :)

Today our three day weekend continues with a Game Night scheduled by our friend Jenny. (Actually game afternoon to be more accurate.) And then we're going to a Vampire Ball that's being held tonight at a local club. Must figure out what to wear for that!

So all in all a good weekend! Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


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