Monday, November 24, 2008

Only in NYC

The Victorian Girls

Say what you will about New York City--expensive, dirty, expensive, crowded--but one thing is for certain, there's always something interesting going on. Keep your ear to the ground and your mind way, way open and you'll find something unique to do every week.

Case in point: Dances of Vice. A bi-monthly time travel - yes time travel - party. This weekend's event? "SCENES OF DYNASTY" -- an evening of opulence and pleasure in the Louis XIV sense, combined with the glamour and rebellion of the glittering glam rock era.

In other words - 1770s meets 1970s. Marie Antoinette meets Ziggy Stardust. And oddly, even though I never seem to be able to find anything suitable to wear to work each morning, I created the perfect mishmash out of clothes stored in my closet for this theme. I scare myself sometimes.

dances of vice 007

dances of vice 017

Simple really. Take one Harajuku, Japan purchased gothic lolita black vampire dress, add two crinolines underneath for appropriate body. Then slip on a Catherine Coatney black mesh skirt over the skirt and pin a set of brass keys to it for a steampunk flair. (I really wish I'd had steampunk goggles to replace the headband with...) Now add glam touches: shag bleach blonde wig, headband, red boa, and disco looking silver earrings. And finally, the glam piece de resistance - gold sequined boots. I got these originally for the "These Boots Were Made for Stomping" party at the RT Con this year - never thought I'd have a chance to break them out again!

The event took place at the Montauk Club in Park Slope, Brooklyn. According to its website:

The magnificent Club House was designed by the famed New York architect Francis H. Kimball, who was inspired by a palace on Venice’s Grand Canal. The Club House was completed in 1891 and its Venetian gothic architecture, carved mahogany woodwork and beautiful stained glass windows remain its signature features.

It was really a perfect venue for such an event! Jacob and I arrived fashionably late and met up with all our beautifully dressed friends who were already there.

We mixed, mingled...

dances of vice 042


dances of vice 052

And got our fortunes told...

dances of vice 038

dances of vice 113

Liz told shocking stories...

dances of vice 067

While watching avant garde performances...

Some of the costumes were really amazing. Though I definitely saw more 1770s than 1970s glam...

All in all - a strange and interesting evening. And one you'd only find in New York!

dances of vice 036


Leanna Renee Hieber said...

Awesome wrap-up. I heart time-travel.

Kwana said...

Oh what a time. Look at you all.Fab. I do lead a dull life.