Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gamer Girl in the Wild

Here it is - Gamer Girl, as seen in Barnes and Noble in San Antonio, Texas, where I was visiting this weekend. They were good and had it out on the shelves. But other bookstores I've visited have not pulled the copies out from the backroom. Sooo...if you don't see it out, make sure you ask! We need to make sure these books get onto the actual shelves where people can find them.

Marathon 002

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Tajana said...

Well well well. We've got to do something about this little situation now don't we. Also congrats on the book! You must be very proud. And today I was excited to find out that they had all three of your books in the series Boys that Bite, Stake that Growl, and Girls That Growl. So I checked them all out. and cannot wait to read them :]. Also I have 8 books to read in the next week :].