Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween Report

It shouldn't be surprising that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Finally a day when no one's allowed to critcize the donning of wigs, thigh highs, and other costumey apparel. The one day of the year where we're sure never to be called inappropriate by anyone.

Still, for those of us who cosplay on a regular basis, Halloween could be thought of as amateur night. Where those unindoctrinated into the world of costuming transform themselves into sexy "fill-in-the-blank"s which they pulled complete from a bag they purchased at Ricky's or other such Halloween adventure shop. Sexy senoritas, naughty nymphs, cherry red riding hood, captain booty, and, simply, jailbait. If it's sexy and comes in a bag, it's fair game for Halloween.

There's nothing wrong with this per say -- in fact the costumes are usually pretty cute. But it's also, in our opinion, kind of lazy. So we decided to create our own costumes. The theme for us and our friends this year?

Fairy Tales gone wrong.

Fairy Tale Girls 2

Left to right: Little Dead Riding Hood, Little Miss Muffet (post spider attack), Geisha Goldilocks, and No-Longer-Sleeping-(Now Dead)-Beauty.

Here's how the night went down.

I arrived to work in the morning to find pirates and fairies milling about and quickly realized this was the one day of the year I could costume at work. So I changed into my zombie red riding hood outfit and put on my makeup. The purple eyeshadow from the Clarin's jazz collection does a mean bruising effect.

Halloween 08 002

My co-worker Sarah (pictured above) later painted herself green and added wings to this ensemble.

Leanna arrived near the end of the day and changed into her Little Miss Muffett outfit in my office.

Halloween 08 004

For a reason unbeknownst to me, she added vampire fangs to complete the look. Maybe the spider's venom turned her into a were-spider? You'd have to ask her... I do know it gave her a wicked lisp, which we kept laughing about all night.

Halloween 08 005

After she'd changed, we headed over to Posner's Books in Grand Central to pick up Dead Beauty and Geisha Goldilocks - aka Stacy and Liz. (Who omg had amazing glitter makeup on.)

I gave Goldilocks/Liz a bear to steal porridge from, but she insisted it was actually a cat. The jury's still out on that one. But in hindsight I guess a Geisha Goldilocks might very well carry a cat around. I mean, cat cafe anyone?

Halloween 08 009

We left Grand Central and managed to snag the only available cab in NYC and rode down to Morgan's where the party would take place later that night. There, we met up with Snow White, aka Hope Tarr.

We dropped off our stuff and headed down to the village parade where police and blocked roads thwarted our every move. You'd think they didn't want us to watch the parade or something! We were subject to a lot of attention. As Riding Hood, I got a lot of wolf calls. I also got accosted by Freddy Kruger while crossing the street.

Freddy: Is your name Mary?
Me Thinking: Uh, do I know you?
Freddy: Cause my favorite drink is...BLOODY MARY!!!

Oh-kay then.

There were some...interesting...costumes.

And what Halloween could be complete without the Scream guy? He followed us for a while.

He even tried to kill Stacy... Or maybe that's his way of flirting. Tough to say.

Even the dogs got into the fun!

We finally managed to snag a spot right outside the old Limelight church/nightclub. Leanna and I posed RIP style for the infamous club we'd never get a chance to patronize.

Halloween 08 011

We waited for the parade. And waited. And waited. And...waited.

It was freezing.

In all, we waited an hour and a half for the seven pm parade. The floats didn't start arriving until 8:20. You'd think a Zombie Red Riding Hood wouldn't feel the chill. You'd be wrong.

But the parade, when it did finally arrive, was pretty darn cool. Which almost made up for it.

Halloween 08 024

Halloween 08 020

Halloween 08 028

After seeing the major floats, we headed back to Morgan's to party. (And get warm!) There, we met up with the rest of our peeps.

Jacob aka David Bowie from Labyrinth.

Halloween 08 044

Kat aka Hockey Mom Sarah Palin. (The devil horns are not random!)

Halloween 08 049

Chris, a prince of a guy.

Halloween 08 051

Our hostess Morgan, a beautiful butterfly.

Halloween 08 080

And Nick the builder.

Halloween 08 073

We played Celebrity and a bros against hoes trivia game. Sadly the three bros kicked we hoes asses. Not sure how that happened!

Halloween 08 052

By the end of the night, everyone for some reason HAD to try on the Bowie wig. With...various results.

Halloween 08 104

All in all, it was a great Halloween!

Zombie Red out.

Halloween 08 094


Leanna Renee Hieber said...

LOL I hadn't heard Freddy's 'witty' banter with you - wow. Well there's the upsides of Halloween, and the downsides. And yes, haven't your heard the paranormals are all about the sexy female were-spiders these days? ... yeah.

cherie said...

You look great! Fairy tales gone wrong is an awesome theme. I know this cinderella...

Ironically, I didn't even dress up for halloween this year. All I did was get engaged.


Marianne Mancusi said...

Where do you think I got the idea? :) We needed your Cinderella!!! But it sounds like you had more important things going on!!!!