Friday, October 31, 2008


Jacob and I attended a restaurant opening on Tuesday night at a place called Pranna - a huge space (15,000 square feet - massive for Manhattan!) on Madison and 28th. The design is sleek and elegant with soaring ceilings, open kitchen and a balcony lounge.

Pranna Opening

While most people seemed to go expecting straight-up Indian food from chef Chai Trivedi, Pranna offers a much wider variety of pan-asian cuisine. The menu was actually inspired by the chef's six month motorcycle tour of Southeast Asia. Dishes offer a variety of Indonisian, Thai, Indian, Vietnamese flavors.

Sadly, there was much competition for actual food at the opening. Well heeled patrons lucky enough to snag an invite descended like vultures on the hapless waiters carrying steaming plates of food. Jacob and I managed to score two chicken skewers but that was about it. The free flowing champagne dulled the hunger pains though. :)

Pranna Opening
Me at Pranna

In all, I wish I had gotten to try more dishes - but the place definitely intrigued me all the same. And I love the deocr. I wouldn't mind returning to actually dine sometime soon.


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