Thursday, October 23, 2008


Forge, originally uploaded by LeChatBleu.

Last night I met up with some publicists I work with for dinner at Forge, a new American cuisine restaurant in Tribeca. It was technically a working dinner, but Jacque and Eliza were a lot of fun to hang out with, so it wasn’t exactly a chore. We ate like everything on the menu! It was all so delicious. The chef kept sending out extra food for us to try – including a stuffed pear dessert. I left in almost a food coma.

The chef and co-founder, Marc Forgione, is only 29 years old. And he's not a graduate from some fancy culinary school either. Instead, he got hands on experience at his father's restaurant, An American Place, since he was sixteen years old.

According to their website:

"He has created a straightforward American style with bold flavors and playful touches. Forgione manipulates citrus, heat and fresh herbs to create maximum flavor; and his sophisticated dishes blend familiar elements with precise technique. Menus change frequently to showcase fresh ingredients and new twists on seasonal American favorites."

My favorite part? The potato dinner rolls - which are kept warm in a 1906 cast iron oven in the dining room and served with caramelized onion butter.

Actually, the stove is just one special touch I liked about this restaurant. The whole place has sort of a vintage, old-fashioned, almost rustic feel. There's glass lanterns with lit candles hanging from the ceiling and bookshelves full of family memorabilia Forgione got from his father's basement - including vintage James Beard cookbooks. So while it's an expensive restaurant, it doesn't have that museum-like feel that other similarly priced establishments might have. It's cozy and warm, just like the food itself.

I highly recommend if you're looking for good American cuisine with a twist you try Forge for yourself.


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