Thursday, September 20, 2007

It’s been a good week so far. On Tuesday night, Liz and I met up with Carol Stacy and Jo Carol of Romantic Times for dinner/drinks and discussed our new partnership. You heard it here first! The Rebels of Romance are now the official video bloggers of this year’s Romantic Times Convention in Pittsburgh. We’ll be bringing you daily reports of the convention and interviewing your favorite authors. Should be a lot of fun! I’ve so got to start getting my costumes in order. ;-)

After that, we headed over to the Golden Apple awards, being held by the NYC RWA chapter. We met up with Bookseller of the Year, Stacey Agdern and took her out for drinks to celebrate her award. Stacey works for Posner at Grand Central Station and is simply fabulous. If you’re ever in NYC, you have to stop by and say hi.

Yesterday on Better TV, we interviewed Tammy Trenta, a former reality star from the fifth season of The Apprentice. She’s a handbag maker now and brought in some of her designs. They were so cool. I totally wanted one. (Too bad I’m so broke!) Anyway, they’re from the Theresa Kathryn line and hold everything—including a laptop—which is so nice cause I hate lugging around a purse AND a laptop. I think this one's my favorite, though it's hard to get a good sense of how nice it was from a photo. It was really soft leather, though, with a gorgeous lining.

Did anyone watch Gossip Girl last night? I thought it was great. Gotta love a trashy teen soap! And by the maker of The OC nonetheless. They followed the storyline of the first book pretty closely…I wonder how soon they’ll run out of material and will have to come up with their own plots? Also there were some definite additions – including a relationship history between Jenny’s dad and Serena’s mom. Hmmm. That’s a very OC plotline, actually. All in all, I liked it. It was beautiful to look at and I enjoyed finally seeing a NYC backdrop instead of yet another Southern CA. After all, we have snobby spoiled teens here, too!

Lastly: 12 Days ‘til Girls that Growl is released! Luckily, I’ve been getting great response from my Street Team readers who were sent early release copies. It’s always a relief to know that the book lived up to expectations. You never want the “Oh, it’s not as good as the first two” kind of thing!


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