Sunday, September 09, 2007

B&N, RT, and Weekend Stuff

I was at B&N today, editing Gamer Girl and warding off the crazies. What is it about a B&N cafe that makes people think it's okay to sit at YOUR table? The tables are tiny. My laptop covers nearly the whole thing--and CLEARLY I'm WORKING. Fine, if you have to sit down, sit, but read or something. Don't sit down to socialize. Pick another table for that. Seriously -- has anyone heard of respect in this town?

Even with the fight with the crazy woman (which I'd love to go into, but it'll just make me mad again) I got a lot of work done. The book is shaping up nicely.

After working, I checked out the magazine section and was paging through Romantic Times. (I so need to renew my subscription.) I came across the FAN FORUM section where "Flavia" writes her monthly column. Low and behold it was all about Liz and my costumes at RWA. LOL! That story really has legs, huh? (No pun intended!!) Anyway, the article was completely complementary and supportive and made me smile. I knew there was a reason I loved RT so much!!

Other than that, the weekend has been quiet. I was supposed to go out clubbing with my friend Jamie last night for her birthday, but she got really sick. Boo! Hopefully we'll manage a rain date. In a way, it was probably for the best as it's nice to edit my book after a full night's sleep. I did get to do a lot of rollerblading in Central Park, which was fun. I'm trying for muscular legs in case Liz makes me don thigh highs again for NJ RWA!! hehe.

Speaking of, this pic of Liz and me dressed at RWA just popped up on author Hank Phillippi Ryan's website. :)

In addition to being an author, Hank's also a reporter. She and I go way back -- I even interned for her back in the day, before becoming her producer much later. She teases me that I used to come into my internship in pigtails, Hello Kitty barretts, and black nail polish. hehe. The more things change...

By the way, Hank's next NEXT book (as in Harlequin NEXT) is out in stores in October. It's called Face Time. It's the sequel to PRIME TIME, her first book, and continues the adventures of Charlie McNally, the intrepid investigative reporter. You should pre-order it, cause it's good. Her 2nd top pick from RT!! The woman is on a roll. Not that I am the least bit surprised.

Okay time for some Tasti DeLite and then some WoW. Make my weekend complete. :)


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Cindy Holby said...

Yes, sitting at a table with your lap top is not an invitation to sit and talk. I had the same problem this week in the humongous, lots of empy table and chairs hospital waiting room I was working in this week. Where did the little old lady with the walker and oxygen tank come to sit? Right beside me. And its not like she talked to me. She just stared. Do you know how hard it is to concentrate when someone is staring at you? I felt like Darth Vader was looking over my shoulder.