Monday, September 12, 2005

Weekend, Auctions, and Long Lost Friends

The thing that sucks about having a decent weekend is that on Monday it ends and you have to go back to work. But hey, such is life, right?

Saturday I gave my speech on "Writing and Selling YA Fiction" to the Rhode Island Writers group. Great group of women and I thought the session went well. I'm giving another YA talk in November at the ColoNY chapter. (Southern Connecticut RWA chapter) at a library and it's open to the public. More info on a later date.

Saturday night I went to a very fun party/cookout at my friend Lisa's house. She has a gorgeous place with a nice yard and had lit the tiki torches. :) Fun, fun.

The inital auctions for Larissa Ione are up on eBay, courtesty of Romaid. More auctions will be put up all this week. If you've been dying for an autographed copy of my "A Connecticut Fashionista in King Arthur's Court" now's your chance. ;-) It's only going for $8.50 right now. Bargain! And here's an unadvertised enticement for you blog readers - if you win and mention this blog entry, I'll throw in a free signed copy of Sk8er Boy, my YA that's out next month. So - that's two books - plus helping a great cause. Bid now! Bid high! Bid often! :)

A long lost, but really good friend of mine emailed me this weekend, wanting to reconnect. I was so excited cause she's great and I've totally missed talking to her. (She lives in LA, which is why we've sort of lost touch.) Anyway - in her email, she said she went through and read my entire blog, so she already knows what's been up with me! Bonus! Now I don't have to go through all the crazy twists and turns my life has gone through the past 6 months or so. Okay, sure, I do have a few things going on that I don't post online, but would share with close friends, but still - the blog thing is a very interesting way to keep people - even ones you don't think about reaching - in touch with your life.

That said, I wonder how many ex-boyfriends are checking up on me... ugh.

Of course I did this to an ex-boyfriend type myself about eight years ago. The guy in question didn't have a blog, but I did manage to track him down online anyway. He was shocked that I'd found him and we ended up rekindling our once torrid college romance for a brief time. And though it didn't end up working out - (he'd somehow managed to cure himself of Marianne Obsession in the years we'd been apart. Very sad.) it was still fun to hook up, even briefly. (Esp since he's a totally cute blue eyed surfer!!) Hm...I wonder if I mentioned his name in my blog if he'd GOOGLE himself and find me... :)

Meh, maybe some past crushes are better left as good memories. :P

Soo... have you guys ever received an email you out of the blue cause of your blog? Or maybe someone found you or you found them through the power of cyberspace? Do spill!!


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Sharon said...

Yes, as a matter of fact, I have. A friend I grew up with emailed me through my website because she'd found my blog. She reads it daily now.