Friday, September 16, 2005

Sleeping with SK8ER BOY!

Happy Friday everyone!

This week actually went by rather fast so I can't really complain. And it's pay day - added bonus. :) But the thing I'm really, really excited about? Today's the day I get to hold my 2nd book "SK8ER BOY" in my hot little hands. Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while might remember that when I got my copy of CT Fashionista, I slept with it that first night. I'm undecided whether SK8ER BOY will get the same under-the-pillow treatment...But I am very excited about getting it all the same.

This weekend I have to finish and polish the synopsis of my second Berkley book, "Stake That!" It's the sequel to "Boys that Bite" and is scheduled for a December 2006 release. It's very odd to now be in a position where I know when the book will be released before the book actually exists. For example, the book I'm working on now, "What, No Roses?" is out in July! Gah.

Speaking of, I'm really enjoying writing "Roses" now. I think when you first come up with an idea for a book you get very excited. Then you start writing and realize it's harder than you thought. The reason? Maybe you don't know the characters very well. Maybe they refuse to be who you had imagined them to be. But as you spend more time each day exploring them, living in their world and watching them react to one another, you start getting a better feel for them and thus the book itself. It's at that point you can relax and start enjoying the process of writing. At least that's how it is for me. Now I'm at that delicious point where I think about the book all the time and am burning to work on it. I hope that continues. (It, um, better, considering I have to finish it by November.)

Anyway - enough boring writer blab.

Oh - almost forgot! I have a critique up for auction on to benefit Larissa Ione, who lost all she had in Katrina. It ends in 3 days and is only about $15.50 at the moment. I'd love to help raise as much money as possible so if you are looking for a critique, please go over and bid. I'm totally worth more than 15 bucks--really (!!) -- and so is the cause!!!

Anyway - happy weekend everyone! I've got a rooftop party to go to on Saturday night and Sunday my friend and fellow chick lit author Melissa Senate is speaking at the New England RWA meeting.

And tonight, I'll be taking my SK8ER BOY to bed. (Wow, that sounds so dirty, huh? heh heh)



TJBrown said...

Nothing boring about writers blab!

Congrats on the book, my daughter looks forward to reading it!

Anonymous said...

Hey just wondering if your goin to write a sequal to A Connecticut Fashionista in King Arthurs Court i absolutely loved it!!