Thursday, September 29, 2005


I stole this from Alesia Holliday on Literary Chicks. I'd have just answered in her comments section, but you have to register for that and I'm just too darn lazy to do anything that requires registration.

1) What's your Perversion?

Alesia admits to Hobbit fancying, which I find just a tad bit horrifying. Another poster is a little tamer with her desire for men with accents. (Not sure why this is perverse though...) The third poster wants a dumb, but good looking guy with long hair who knows to keep his mouth shut.

Wow. I guess I'm glad it takes all types to make the world go round and all that!!! That one girl's Adonis is another girl's Bilbo Baggins. (Which, I guess for Alesia wouldn't be a bad thing...) I, for one, could not stand the cute, dumb, quiet kind of guy. I mean, really. Simple, lovable and loyal? Bleh! In five minutes I'd want to smack him.

Anyway - for me, it's geeks. Seriously - I don't know what it is, but a guy talking geeky to me is a major turn on. Bonus points if he's a gamer geek. Then I could say, "OH YEAH! GANK ME, BABY!" and not feel weird. (Um, if you don't know, don't ask. And if you do, then no, I've never really said that. At least out loud... heh heh.)

Of course he still has to be cute. Pocket Protector wearing geeks need not apply. Sorry, but life's unfair like that. A good example of my type of geek would be Johnny Lee Miller's character in "Hackers." Yum!

Moving on to question two:

2) What movie character would you'd most like to take to bed?

This one's easy. Christian (Ewan McGregor) in Moulin Rouge. Gah - when he sings to Satine, "How wonderful life is, now that you're in the world" I swoon every single time. I could picture Christian and I making tortured, beautiful love until the sun came up over the horizon. Maybe he'd even cry in my arms from the ecstasy and beauty of it all. :P (NOTE: This may seem quite horrifying to those of you who love big, burly Alpha men. But these are MY perversions, remember?)

3) Who is the movie character you'd most like to take to dinner?

Troy (Ethan Hawke) from Reality Bites. He's so bitingly witty and every word out of his mouth is a twisted pop culture reference. He's the quintessential Gen X poster boy. Achingly intelligent, yet tortured and misunderstood. I could cleverly banter for hours or conduct deep discussions on existential crisises and the meaning of the universe. (42)

Of course, I wouldn't be totally shattered if we ended up hooking up after dinner either. :P

Okay, there you go! My perversions! Anyone else want to share???


TJBrown said...

Okay... I'm game.

I would have to say hobbits too. Especially Merry or Pippin, though Sam has his moments too. Frodo is to etheral for me.

Without a doubt Eric Banna, the older Prince of Troy in Troy. His character was so noble, doomed and gorgeous. Yum. Forever yum.

I would like to go out and party with the entire cast of St. Elmos Fire. Yes, I'm old. But it's my wish, right?


fin said...

I'd rather not meet anyone in would only let me down.