Friday, September 23, 2005

Google Games

Things are a bit dead at work since hurricane Rita is taking up most of the coverage and we who do fluffy feature stories are bumped for more important hurricane news. (Which is better than, let's say, being bumped for breaking Britney baby news.) That said, I'm not sorry that it's Friday!

So 2 more blasts from the past have contacted me through my blog! The wife of an ex-boyfriend and a high school acquaintance who had googled my friend Suzanne's name and asked if he could contact her through me! I'm beginning to think there's something to all of this.

So - scientific experiment time. The following are names of people I knew in the past and have lost touch with. Perhaps they will GOOGLE themselves, find their names, and email me. I'll let you know my results in a month or so.

Gretchen Sgorous
Jaimie Cameron
Jason Rawn
Jamie Shirley
Chris Griffin / Christopher Griffin
Eric Ziko
Haas Rogers
Pam Davis / Pamela Davis
Russ Little / Russell Little
Ewan McGregor (heh, heh - just had to throw that last on in for good measure :P)

There we go! Let the GOOGLE games begin!!! :)

Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

Hi Marianne,
It's Bonnie Ferguson. I've started a new blog but unfortunately someone else, using the same name, has taken my old address and I don't think you want that on your links. If you would still like me on your links my new blog address is

Hope you are having a good weekend!


Caryn said...

Great idea! I'm half tempted to try it myself.

Anonymous said...

So, it kind of worked! I was looking for Eric because I'm going to SF for a couple days for work, and I googled his name and found you instead. So you can contact me at david dot r dot thibault at (the google mail domain). Hopefully that's obfuscated enough that spammers won't get me...=)