Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend!

Sadly today is the last day of Thanksgiving weekend. But we made the most of it, I think. Enjoying some time at home, just the two of us. We've been on the go so much, it's nice to once in a while relax! Neither of us are that good at doing this - I always feel guilty doing nothing! :)

On Thanksgiving, we cooked our own turkey with all the trimmings.


We "lit" the DVD Yule Log. :) Someday I really want a house with a real fireplace! But this will do for now!


Jacob's the turkey master. He makes it look effortless! But I make a mean mashed potatoes!


And Molly is our official taster.


The next day we went out to go find our Christmas tree!

Christmas Tree

And because we're without a car, we had to drag it back nearly a mile! Just like the olden days except down the streets of Jersey City instead of through the woods!

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

It may look like Jacob's carrying it by himself, but I will let you know, I helped a lot!!

Christmas Tree

We unwrapped it and let it settle for about a day...

Christmas Tree

And then added decorations and LED Christmas lights!!

Christmas Tree 001

Here it is with the lights off. The LED lights photograph kind of strangely though...

Christmas Tree 010

And now we're all set for Christmas!!! :)


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Dorothy said...

I love the fragrance of a fresh Christmas tree. Someday maybe they'll make computers that transmit smells :) .