Monday, November 16, 2009

Goth Engagement Party

It all started when I showed Leanna a picture of a black wedding cake and said "Imagine having a goth wedding!" Of course that seemed a bit much, so Leanna suggested a compromise. A goth engagement party! She and Morgan outdid themselves creating just such an event, which happened on, appropriately enough, Friday the 13th!!

Everyond donned their black best...

And there were goth decorations:

And, of course, there was a black cake with Living Dead Dolls for the bride and groom!

Of course, Morgan and Nick couldn't not have a professional photo shoot while we were there!

We even had Goth Boy in Training.

And lots of chances for goofy photos:

I personally think these two will be next...

The night ended with an impromptu glow-stick infused rave.

All in all, a wonderful night with wonderful friends!! It couldn't have been more amazing!! Thank you guys!!!



Moonsanity said...

This is amazing! Man, I wish I could do it over again just so I could have one:) It's been almost 21 years though, so maybe not! You all look very cool!

Leanna Renee Hieber said...

I love you! And I had such an wonderful time- so glad you were thrilled! xoxo