Thursday, November 12, 2009

My first floor display!

Check this out! Berkley was nice enough to send me one of the floor displays for the Blood Coven re-releases. This is what they've sent to all the Borders stores across the country. It's soooo pretty! My first ever floor display. I feel like this is some kind of writing milestone I should celebrate!!!

And yes, Jacob is nice enough to let me display it in the living room! :)

Blood Coven Display1


In case you're wondering, I put both versions of the books in there cause I thought it looked nice. Obviously in the real stores they'd only have the new covers.

Anyway, just wanted to share!



RAM said...

Very impressive Marianne. You must be thrilled! I'm going to stop by Borders just to see it.

Mancusi Family Blogger said...

So exciting! We will head down to the local Borders as soon as we can and e-mail you a picture...

I'm thinking that this could be part of the decorations for the wedding reception, too! :)

Moonsanity said...

How cool! I'd put this in the living room too:) You earned it!