Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cowboy stadium

Last weekend Jacob and I headed down to Dallas for a little pre-Thanksgiving football. We stayed the weekend, hanging out with various friends, then on Sunday headed to the brand new Cowboys stadium to watch the 'boys.

Football Game 056

The stadium is HUGE. And a lot nicer than the old one. Parking was simple and there was actually a nice little picnic table right near where we parked. If we'd planned to tailgate, it would have been the perfect place to do it.

Football Game 055

Football Game 053

It was a beautiful day, probably 60 degrees, so I was a little disapointed they had the roof closed. (It's one of those that can partially open or close, depending on the weather. I guess Dallas people aren't as hardcore as New Englanders! Gillette stdium is open even when it's zero degrees and snowing!!

Football Game 057

However, there was a nice outdoor area to hang out in before or after the game. In fact, after the game, there was a DJ and people dancing out there!

Football Game 058

We got there kind of early and waited for the seats to fill up. The place was huge - but all the seats were taken by the time they begun playing.

Football Game 059

Football Game 066

The coolest thing was the mammoth screen - 60 yards long!! It was the biggest screen TV I'd ever seen! No need for binoculars, even in the cheap seats!

Football Game 060

Football Game 069

You could even get close-ups for the cheerleaders, which I bet a lot of guys appreciated...

Football Game 065

Though it wasn't the most exciting game ever (there was only 1 touchtown the entire game and it happened in the last two minuts!) the Cowboys did manage to win. And it was cool to see the new stadium! I'm glad we got a chance to go and can't wait to go back again!


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