Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Thanksgiving in May: The Photos!

The location: Jersey City. Just behind Lady Liberty.

Jacob, turkey chef extraordinaire, surveys the bird.

While Trey and Marianne cook up some sides. Marianne worked so hard she didn't even have time to blow dry her hair!

With Texans at the feast, there's gotta be cornbread.

Real glasses, plastic silverware and plates. That's how we roll.

Molly waited patiently.

Sort of...

You lookin' at me?

Our kitchen definitely seems larger when we're home alone.

Turning the camera on the photographer herself.

Dude, you're cramping my style! Important begging work to do!!

All that cornbread makin' makes me thirsty!


Is it done, yet?

The feast!

We're so ready to eat!

I have a feeling this was taken when we were playing YouTube videos on the TV...

"For the love of dog, I said TURKEY not ear rubs!! Though, those do feel good..."

Jacob challenges of the gods of stain with a white shirt.

The marina, as seen from balcony.

Seriously, guys...

Our balcony has the best sunsets.


Hanging on the balcony.

I have no idea the story behind the pic...

Amazing shot of Morgan.

Someone managed to steal Liz's new camera for a moment!


Happy Thanksgiving in May!!


theklunker said...

what a great idea! your new place has the most amazing views. we have to make it east sometime soon to visit. oh, and molly is stylin' with her rose collar.

Ana said...

What beautiful pictures!
It looks like a great time with good friends.

Anonymous said...

what great photos! Sunset is gorgeous as is the sky behind Liz in that later one. And Molly is so cute.

seriously made me hungry and I just ate lunch...


Leanna Renee Hieber said...

Twas OH SO FUN - and the story behind that pic had something to do with Lady Liberty - seemed a swell idea at the time...

Thanks for the lovely evening, O Hostess my Hostess!