Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Today's kind of bittersweet cause my boss is leaving. She's moving to Connecticut cause her husband got some sweet NYC job and she's going to be a full time mom to her adorable baby. I feel happy for her, but sad for us cause she's been a great boss and also a friend. I'll miss her. I know I'm not supposed to talk about my day job in this blog, but I did have to say that.

I think Gena Showalter's book "Enslave Me Sweetly" is now out in stores. I have to go buy that. I love the cover!! And the first book "Awaken Me Darkly" totally kicked ass.

Nothing too huge planned for the weekend. Going to go to a wine and fondue bar on Sat night. Yum, yum! There's a 21 page wine list! And cheese. And chocolate! Three of my favorite things!

And...8 days til Vegas!!! woooooot!


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