Friday, May 26, 2006

RT Stuff

Sorry I've been sick and thus a total slacker and haven't had a chance to post photos from the Romantic Times convention til now. It was a fabulous time, as usual and I met many great people, drank far too much wine, and got freaky on the dance floor to really bad music. I can't wait til next year!!! :) This is by FAR my favorite conference of the year.

Oh and I also gave a panel on Chick Lit and signed books at the bookfair. (Just so you don't think I didn't work at all!)

So...(and click on pics to enlarge them) we start with a very serious Marianne signing books. (Just disregard the pink fluffy pen. :)

And here's sweet little Marianne posing by her "What No Roses?" book cover...

And with her editor (um, nice shirt, Chris! Did an animal have to die for that??) and her dear friend Alesia Holliday at the Dorchester 60s/70s party...

But then the transformation takes place!!
Sweet innocent Marianne turns into.....EVIL GOTH WARRIOR FAIRY!!

Of course, EVIL GOTH WARRIOR FAIRY needs her EVIL COHORTS! Who better than Alesia Holliday, Allison Brennan, Eileen Rendhal, and Cindy Holby??

So there you have it! RT in pictures! Well, sort of.

Oh and this year's DJ didn't know who the Smiths were either. Sigh. We need to start a campaign! DJs for THE SMITHS!!! Come on, who's with me???



Anonymous said...

These are great pictures :)

Allison Brennan said...

Marianne, BTW, I gave my 12 year old Sk8tr Boy (I hope I got that right) and she loves it.