Saturday, May 27, 2006

A blog...though not a profound one

Me again! I've decided to (shock/horror!) try to blog everyday again. Even if they're short posts. :) Sometimes I feel the reason I don't blog is I have nothing profound to say. But maybe profoundness is overrated.

So I'm just going to tell you random stuff.

Like that "Date Me Baby, One More Time" by Stephanie Rowe is awesomely funny and if you like Katie MacAlister and Lindsay Sands you should read it.

Or that my dog rolled in something dead while staying with my ex over the weekend and smells really bad now. (No, I don't think he pointed to the dead thing and said "Have at it, pooch! Teach her a lesson!" LOL! He's one of those legendary friend ex's that any girl would by lucky to have!)

Or that I stumbled over the most amazing review for Boys that Bite from Round Table Reviews that made me want to dance on a...well, round table. (Or even a square one...)

Or that at the one meal at the Romantic Times Convention I ate at they did not serve conference chicken, but rather conference tuna salad. And at the Dorchester dinner they had conference ribs. Yeah. I miss the chicken, too. Maybe it was cause Liz Maverick was not there to take pictures of it. Liz, come back to the conference circuit! It's not the same without you!

Or that Alesia Holliday and Cindy Holby are the best conference buddies ever. Even if they don't let me borrow their swords to go to the fairy ball. (Next year I'm so bringing my own plastic weapon of death. The airlines will love me!)

Or that Blushing Fan Girl here went out of her way to give MaryJanice Davidson a copy of her "Boys that Bite" book at the RT booksigning and then got all tongue tied and failed to produce real sentences in front of one of her favorite authors. MJ probably now thinks she's a stalker and left the book in the hotel room in a raging panic. (She was gracious in person and said, "Here, have free stuff!", gesturing to buttons and keychains. Yes, Fan Girl took free stuff and wore the button "Betsy Rules" for the remainder of the conference.)

Or that Blushing Fan Girl avoided Laurell K. Hamilton's table all together because she knew she'd probably fall to her knees and say things like "I'm not worthy!" to the woman who created Anita Blake. The MJ incident was embarassing enough, thank you very much.

And there you have it. Random thoughts, so not profound. More tomorrow, I promise!


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