Sunday, May 14, 2006

Boys that Bite Book Trailer

I recently had the (very awesome) COS Productions create a book trailer for myBOYS THAT BITE series. Sort of like a movie preview, but for books! For some reason the framing of this blog prevents me from posting it here, but please go to my website if you get a chance and check it out. You can also find it on my MySpace page. I'm really excited with how it turned out, so let me know what you think!! :)



rhonda stokes said...

what's the point?

Marianne Mancusi said...

What is the point of having a book trailer? Well, it's just another way to promote, honestly. Today's readers are used to multimedia in all aspects of their lives and so something like this may attract their attention before, say, a book review or written blurb. Then, once intrigued, perhaps they'll read the back cover. Perhaps they'll go buy the book.

There are so many books out there, I believe authors should use all sorts of promotional tools to make their books stand out. I extensively use MySpace to interact with the teens who read my YA books. It's a great tool because it encourages two way conversation between author and teen and also gets teens on their own turf, so to speak. It's also a lot of fun! And book trailers are a great add to a MySpace page cause the technology allows for embedded video.

Christine Feehan has said that book trailers are her number one promotional tool these days. And when Christine Feehan talks marketing, authors ought to listen. :) Bestselling author MJ Rose, I believe, also was an early adopter of book trailers and sings their praises.

Anyway - like any promotional tool, who knows whether it will lead to more sales. But I think it's a very cool way to introduce my book to new readers. :)


Shawn said...

Loved the commercial! Too cute! They did a really good job! Congrats on the Stake That cover as well!

rhonda stokes said...

huuh. okay. whatever you say. it just looks like a lot of money for nothing. what did you pay? like 5k or something? it seems like your promos would be best spent other places but that's just my opinion and i work at an ad agency. hope it works for you.

Marianne Mancusi said...

God, no!!! 5k?? I'm a poor writer!!! Actually, COS Productions was nice enough to give me a very good deal because they are hoping to expand into the YA market. So I paid under $500 for the trailer, if you must know. Most people spend more than that on bookmarks.

If I had 5k to spend on promotion I'd hire a publicist to do it all for me!!! ;-)

Also, I wouldn't say the money is for "nothing". I now have a very attractive multimedia promotional tool to promote my book with.

It's not my only promotional tool, obviously. I have a very active MySpace page with over 4,000 teen "friends", I have a street team of teens who promote my book in their communities, I have a website, a blog, I participate in a group blog, I do booksignings, speak at schools, attend and speak at writers conferences, dole out bookmarks, auction off book items for charity, hold contests, etc. etc.

Anyway, I appreciate your opinion and it's always interesting to hear the advice of an advertising professional. I'm so obsessed with learning about marketing!! So I'm curious--what would you have done with the $400 instead that you feel would be more effective than a book trailer?