Thursday, August 25, 2005

Reno Photos (at last)

I promised you photos from Reno. I know by now you're probably like, "Reno? Wow that was so long ago I barely remember it!" But hey - better late than never...

Click on any photo to see a larger image:

First up: Before we even went to Reno, Liz Maverick and I signed books in Northern California.

Here's me at the Literacy Signing. I met so many cool people there! And don't let my innocent smile fool you - I've stashed an In-N-Out burger underneath my table for inter-signing snacking. :)

All that signing sure made me thirsty. So time to head to the bar with fellow authors Jade Lee, Melanie Jackson and Karen Kendall.

After a drink we headed to the Prisms where Dorchester authors cleaned up. Here's me and Liz with the fabulous Susan Grant.

We also spent some time hanging around with Dorch's newest editor - the lovely Leah Hultenschmidt. (She's a Red Sox fan, just FYI!)

Of course we couldn't just play the WHOLE conference. After all, we had writing to do. And the bar was the perfect place to write and spy...

Friday night we attended the publisher parties where Liz checked out the infamous conference chicken. Note the rubber chicken in her hand - courtesy of "Juicy Peach" Gena Showalter. I'd tell you what that chicken does when you squeeze it, but you might lose your appetite...

After a few glasses of wine, my editor Chris Keeslar and I thought it'd be amusing to take photos of eachother taking photos of...eachother. Um, yeah.

Later, after even more wine, Liz and I decided it would be even more amusing to shoot eachother with Chicken Chuckers. Yes, those plastic guns you see there shoot rubber chickens. Yes, I know you're going to keep us away from the conference chardonnay next year.

So there you have it. My adventures in Reno! In all, I had a blast! Can't wait til next year.



Gena Showalter said...

You look so utterly gorgeous!

Hey, did you notice that in the very first picture (if you look closely on the bookshelf) you can make out a copy of Awaken Me Darkly. :)

Marianne Mancusi said...

Why yes, Gena. We did that on purpose. Subliminal promotion. Heh. Of course, we expect the favor returned at your booksigning events. ;-)

Gena Showalter said...

Consider it done! :)

Amy said...

Love the pictures!