Friday, August 19, 2005


So the last couple of nights I've been what a friend of mine calls "cocooning" in my new apartment. I'd worn myself out shopping and lugging stuff back to my apartment and then spending all night trying to insert tab A into slot B, etc. The activities and the stress were beginning to make me feel extremely run down and on the verge of getting sick. I always do this to myself - I completely overdo it - go go go - rushing through life without a rest.

So I forced myself to take the last two days off. I was not to go to Target. I was not to assemble objects at home or hang curtains or hammer any pictures onto the wall. I was not to go out with friends for drinks or dinner. I was to cook food at home and watch the entire first season of "The OC" (yes, I know, all geeky cool points I've acquired have now gone right out the window!) and just enjoy my new place.

And surprisingly -it's been amazingly nice. It's quiet and cozy and Molly cuddles with me on the couch. I feel very relaxed and not a bit antsy. (Which is saying a lot for me, who is the queen of antsy and easily bored.) I could totally get used to this living alone thing. No one to bug you. No one to tell you you're a slob or that you need to remember to turn out the bathroom light or that watching 4 hours straight of The OC is pretty sad. It's peaceful. It's relaxing. And if I feel the need to chatter, I can always pick up the phone and call people. So I don't even feel a bit lonely.

Yup. I discovered I love living alone. I never, ever have before. This is the first time there's been no roommate. No boyfriend. No husband. Just me and Molly. It's great. I could really get into it.

But lest you start fearing for my future as the crazy cat lady, I do plan to get out this weekend. On Saturday, there's dog walks and pedicures and Batman Begins on the IMAX theater. (I've already seen it, but I'm all up for seeing Christian Bale on the big, BIG screen.) Then we're going out for dinner/drinks. And on Sunday I'm going to my New England RWA meeting. So never fear - there are some social activities listed on Marianne's schedule.

Until my new computer arrives, of course. Then I'm no longer cocooning. I'm bricking myself in til I get all my geeky cool points back.



Nikki said...

Christian Bale. Big screen. Sounds like an entire weekend could be devoted to just that!

Have fun...

Amy said...

Ahh, peace and quiet. Sounds heavenly.

Cherlyn Michaels said...

You're not kidding! I LOVE living alone. I had a roommate once in college and lived with a boyfriend for nine months. Never again! Might consider cohabitation if I get married, provided the house has an East Wing and a West Wing. :-) I love the freedom, the peace, and yes, when you need to talk to others and do other activities, you can!
Enjoy it!!!

Cai Stephan said...

Just wanted to stop by and say hello! I am the Stephan half of Cai Stephan and am also AKA Tarot by Arwen. It is heartening to hear that you are doing so well! Hang in there!

Cai Stephan said...

Katherine Hepburn once said something along the lines of men and women should never marry and only live next door to one another. :-D

TJBrown said...

I have never lived alone. Ever. I got married at eighteen. Divorced at 23. Married the day after divorce was final. Ahem. And then kicked put some babies. I htink I would like to be alone for a while. Just take a sabbatical from the family for a few weeks. Nice to think about:)

Have a good weekend.