Saturday, August 06, 2005

Apartments and Auctions and Awesome Authors, Agents and Editors

Snuck into work to blog to you as I don't have a computer in my new apartment. And being the computer junkie that I am, there was no way I could go a whole day without being online.

So yesterday was the easiest/hardest moving day ever. Physically easy - there was hardly anything to move! But mentally hard - for obvious reasons. People have been so generous donating all the necessities to get me on my feet, but I got to admit, there was one moment where I looked around my new place and realized it was full of other people's stuff. Wonderful, giving, lovely people ? but other people just the same. There was hardly anything that belonged to me. That I identified with. That said, "Marianne lives here." I felt like I had stepped into someone else's life. And it was at that point that I kind of lost it for a bit. So for all of you out there who keep telling me how brave I am being and how upbeat - let me tell you the tears do come at odd moments.

But my friends were there to pick me up off the floor and drag me out to dinner. I wasn?t even hungry - just sad and stressed and sick. But after a glass of wine and a lot of really funny jokes, they managed to pull me out of my depression and soon I found myself laughing too.

For those of you who?ve asked about Molly (my dog) she?s a little freaked out as well. She spent the night in the closet. I guess the closed in space made her feel safer somehow. I was tempted to crawl in there myself and see if it would make me feel safer as well. Instead, I called a dear friend who talked to me until I was tired enough to fall asleep. I really do have the best friends in the whole world.

Anyway - enough of that. Let's talk about the auction! The lovely, lovely Literary Chicks, along with honorary saint Gemma Halliday have put up the first items up for bid! And when I signed on this evening I was shocked (in a good way!) at all the action already! I am so touched that these ladies worked sooo hard at organizing this auction. And now to see all these people bidding! I love you all!

So from what I understand the first 10 items are up for bid now, with more coming each day. Right now we've got signed books from Michelle Cunnah, Lori Avocado, and Kelly St. John. Author critiques from Karen Rose, Amy Knupp, Gail Dayton, and Melissa Senate. An agent critique by The Knight Agency. And editor critiques from Ellora's Cave editor Briana St. James, and my very own Dorchester editor Chris Keeslar.

Anyway - I just can't tell you how amazing and wonderful it is to see these auctions and the bids and all the emails and calls and notes and gifts that have been sent so far. This is a horrible thing to go through and I don?t wish it on anyone in the world, but if it were to have to happen to someone - I'd hope they'd be as truly lucky as I have been to have this overwhelming support. I feel so truly blessed.

Thanks everyone. And if you're interested in the auctions, all the info is on the Literary Chicks site. I have very limited access to email, so it's best if you direct any questions to Alesia or Lani there.


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Sally said...

I think about you all the time! I told one of my writer friends (non-romance writer) about the fire and your losing everything and the auction and stuff, etc. It really sucks that this happened, obviously, but I can't get over the fact that if you'd been home, the unspeakable might have happened (I get goose bumps just thinking about it!) What happened was a tragedy but (goose bumps again) I don't even want to imagine what COULD have happened.

Keep being strong and brave - I'm glad you have friends, coworkers and a community of writers to help you. It would be so much harder if you didn't have that support.

I met you briefly last year at the Dallas RWA conference and we've exchanged a couple of email - I'm the Chick Lit member who photographed the Tarot card readings (that seems to be my only claim to "fame" thus far.)

I bid on one of the critique auctions (I'm sure I'll be outbid but that's even better for you!)

Take care!