Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I'm "Acknowledged" !!!

So I hadn't been in a bookstore to go check out my friend and fellow author Alesia Holliday's new book "Nice Girls Finish First" which just came out from Berkley this month. I figured there was no rush - after all I had already read a galleys copy (It's a FAB book, btw!!!!!) and I was going to see her at Nationals to buy my very own autographed one.

So this morning, I walked out with the trash and remembered to check my mail. I opened up my mailbox and discovered a book-size package from Alesia.

"Oh cool," I thought, "she sent me a copy!" (Then I went through the moral delimma on the way back inside about whether I should still buy one to help out with her sell through. **grin**)

Anyway, so as I'm making my morning coffee I flip through the first few pages. Decide to check out the acknowledgements to see who she thanked. (This is always my favorite part!) And low and behold - to my utter surprise - she thanked ME!! I had no idea she was thanking me!! I stared at the acknowledgement for a minute, thinking if I blinked the thanks might go away. But no, there is was... thanking me for my "friendship and enthusiasm."

Now you've got to understand - Alesia has been a total mentor to me since I first started shopping around CT Fashionista. She's offered a wealth of advice, support, and friendship every step of the way. And all she ever asked for in return was that I pay it forward to other writers. (Which I've tried very hard to do.) So for her to thank me -- well, it got me a little misty eyed to tell you the truth.

So my two words of advice are as follows:


Make writer friends. Find good ones who won't stab you in the back or gossip at your expense. They can be essential to surviving the ups and downs of a writing career.


Buy Alesia's book "Nice Girls Finish First." :) It rocks - even if it didn't have my name in it!!


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Shalla de Guzman said...

Nice of you to promote your friends' books :)