Tuesday, July 19, 2005

GCC: The Halo Effect

Hey all,

As you know from time to time I promote books as part of the Girlfriend Cyber Circuit. Well, this time I've got something a little different. Instead of me just telling you about MJ Rose's "The Halo Effect" you can go watch a short animated film advertising the book. It's a new concept called "VidLit" -- sort of like a movie trailer, but for a book. I think it's soo cool. Talk about making a book come to life! And MJ Rose's VidLit is especially compelling.

Of course it's not surprising. After all, MJ Rose has made quite a name for herself by her creative marketing techniques. She wrote the amazing eBook "Buzz Your Book" which talks about ways to publicize your book to an audience in an inexpensive, often free way. I read it when promoting CT Fashionista and found it extremely helpful.

Anyway - here's more info on The Halo Effect which out from Mira this month.

THE HALO EFFECT is the first book in the Butterfield Institute series, featuring sex therapist, Dr. Morgan Snow. In each book she struggles with the conflict of preserving her patient's privacy and the dangerous and sometimes criminal things she hears. She sees everything from the abused to the depraved, from the couples grappling with sexual boredom to twisted sociopaths with dark, erotic fetishes and the Butterfield institute is the sanctuary where she helps soothe and heal these battered souls.

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