Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day Cooking

Jacob and I have a tradition of cooking a brand new meal on Valentine's Day - something we haven't tried before. This year we decided to create a Crispy Duck with Orange Ginger Glaze from the Weber Grill cookbook my brother gave me for Christmas this year.

It was pretty simple, though we had never cooked duck before Basically we created an orange/ginger flavored maranade and maranaded duck breasts for about an hour. Then we took them and brought them out to the grill. It was FREZZING out, but Jacob braved the elements for this noble cause.

Inside, I prepared the slices of oranges and cooked the sides. Red potatoes and...because we're real classy...peas.

To go along with our peas, we opened a bottle of champagne, given to us by Jacob's dad. (So you know it had to be good!) I need to register for champagne glasses though. Ours are literally from the dollar store!!

Okay, I'm no food stylist, but here's my attempt of making it look like the cookbook! Disregard the paper towel napkins...or consider them shabby chic! In any case, doesn't the duck grill up beautifully?

And here's the whole meal all put together.

The verdict? The duck was delicious, but the skin was too thick. I don't know if that's how duck is supposed to be or this was a trait of the particular kind we purchased but I ended up taking off the skin and feeding it to Molly. She, um, liked it.

So there you have it! Another delicious Valentine's Day meal from the Beach/Mancusi kitchen! Oh and just to add - the next day we cut up the leftover duck (sans skin) and mixed it into marinara sauce with more peas (they give a sauce more oomph in my opinion!) and served it over wheat pasta. A very healthy, yummmy leftovers meal. (Sadly I didn't food style this very well - splattered tomato sauce on the plate!)

And yes, in case you were wondering, Jacob did give me roses. :)



BShrestha said...

Nice looking duck! Here's another "Eat Delicious Food Day!" meal http://desigrub.com/2010/02/eat-delicious-food-day/

Kate Grover said...

the duck looked amazing, this year my boyfriend Chris and I had to make due with webcamming over msn and making different meals for our selves. Next year we'll have to that duck recipe for Valentines Day :)

Marianne Mancusi said...

I love the "Eat Delicious Food Day" concept!! :) I'm going to go with that from now on!

Kate, sorry you didn't get to celebrate in person this year, though webcamming and each making your own meals sounds kind of romantic in its own way! But here's to you guys being together next year!! :)

Dorothy said...

Do you remember when Phung and Thanh invited us for dinner and had roast duck served with some kind of seaweed? That's the ony time I ever had that.

Marianne Mancusi said...

Well, next time you come to visit, Mom, we'll have to make some for you!