Saturday, February 06, 2010

The name is Bond - James Bond

And I got to meet and interview him on Friday! Pierce Brosnan is starring in the new Percy Jackson and the Olympians movie that comes out, I think, next week. I also got to interview the younger members of the cast- the teens who play Percy and Anabeth and Gordon. Was a lot of fun to meet them. And the movie is excellent! Go see it when it comes out - it's a great family film for both kids and adults. Though probably not for young kids - there's quite a bit of action, some could be scary.

Anyway, here's a pic of Pierce Brosnan and I. As close as I'll ever get to being a Bond Girl. ;-)


And here is how they had the hallway decked out (the press junkett was held in the Empire State Building where, according to the movie, you can find the door to Mount Olympus.) And sure enough - here's the door!


Sadly, I wasn't allowed to go through! :)


Tez Miller said...

Heehee - I'll always remember him as the evil voice of the house in a Simpsons Halloween episode ;-) Love it!

natasha said...

hey Mari! I just finished reading ur blood coven series books and i loved it,i'm dying to read the 5th book, i reallie hope it gets published! :)