Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend in DC!

This weekend I finally fufilled my long ago made promise to visit my friend Diana Peterfreund down in DC. It's really easy to get to DC from NYC - just jump on a BoltBus, which is one of those nice bus lines that have internet access on board. It's cheap, too. Like $20 each way! Now I'm not sure why I didn't go sooner!

We had a really fun weekend. Got to go out to her friend's restaurant Friday night where I ordered a duck special (yes, I'm obsessed with duck now) and sampled yummy cheeses and desserts and wine. (Had to go off the pre-wedding diet for the weekend, but it was well worth it!) The next day we headed out to the woods to go hiking with her adorable dog Rio. I always say Molly is the best dog in the world - well, now it's confirmed that Rio is a close second! (No offense to other great dogs out there...but Rio is super awesome and not just cause she cuddled in bed with me my second night there!)

After hiking - man DC still has a ton of snow! - we headed to the Spy Museum, on the advice of fellow YA author Ally Carter. Ally did not steer us wrong - it was super cool. After that we had a leisurely dinner and then headed to the movies. The movie we chose - "Dear John" a chick flick we figured neither Jacob or Sailor Boy would be interested in - was NOT super cool. In fact, it had a major plot flaw, which we discussed til exhaustion on the way home. The good news? We figured out a way to make it work, if the filmmakers are interested in doing a revision at this late date. :) Ah, writers.

Then on Sunday we made cinnamon muffins (and when I say "we" I mean Diana made them while I watched her and drank lots of coffee) and talked writing. Actually we talked a lot of writing all weekend, which was fun because I feel like I never get to really talk writing with other writers unless I'm at a conference. So that was fun in and of itself.

And then I jumped on the bus and headed home! All in all a very fun weekend had by all! Of course it wasn't til I got back that I realized neither of us remembered to take a single picture. Oh well. Guess I'll have to go back sometime!


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