Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Pre-Holiday week

It's midway through a short week - we get out at 2pm tomorrow and then have Friday off for Fourth of July. Looking forward to a long weekend and fireworks! We're fortunate to see fireworks quite often from our balcony, but I'm sure the 4th of July ones will be extra special. It will definitely feel patriotic to be looking out at the Statue of Liberty as we celebrate our nation's birth.

Last weekend Jacob had to work a great deal as a server was busted. However we did get to go to Morgan and Nick's for a little Dance, Dance Revolution on a 75 inch screen. And on Friday we hung out with Jamie and Jeremy, which was fun as well.

I turned in my "My Zombie Valentine" anthology story revisions and they were accepted so that's one thing off my plate. Now back, once again, to The Camelot Code. I know you're probably sick of reading about this book and are likley wondering if its existance is merely an urban legend. But I promise you someday it will hit bookstore shelves and when it does you will understand why it took so long to write!

In the meantime, I got an amazing cover quote from the delightful, mega-talented Rachel Caine who writes the New York Times Morganville Vampire Series. They'll be putting this on the covers of the re-released Blood Coven books:

"If you haven't sunk your teeth into Marianne Mancusi's fabulous books, why haven't you? Delightful, surprising, and engaging -- you'll get bitten, and love it."

-- Rachel Caine

Nice, huh? She's awesome and I adore both her and her books. If you like vampires and haven't picked them up, start with Glass House. And bonus, it takes place in Texas, too!

Speaking of Texas, check out this Austin house. Totally my dream house! Of course, at three million dollars, I'll need to keep dreaming! Still, it's so beautiful. I especially like the waterfall and the wine cellar. Though perhaps not so kid friendly, seeing as there's a bi-level pool on the side of a cliff...

For 3 million you could probably get a 2 bedroom place in NYC...

In any case, it gives me motivation to continue my quest for that bestseller! :)

Happy almost Fourth of July everyone!

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