Monday, July 06, 2009

4th of July fun!

The Fourth of July party we hosted on Saturday was a ton of fun -- ending with an amazing 360 fireworks extravaganza on the roof of our apartment building. We saw Jersey City fireworks, New York City fireworks, and about ten different other distant fireworks displays from towns unknown. It was pretty surreal, witnessing all of these celebrations all going off at the same time as far as the eye could see.

Liz brought her amazing camera and captured the highlights.

The perfect 4th of July patriotic setting: just behind Lady Liberty.

It was a beautiful day to sit outside on the balcony.

Burgers nad hot dogs were cooked on the grill, much to Molly's delight.

She was less interested in the corn on the cob.

There were a lot of boats down there.

Amazing what she'll put up with for burger scraps!

For a brief respite from the sun, we played Wii. No one could agree on a game.

The sun began to set...Anticipation builds.


We headed up to the roof...

...just in time for the fireworks to begin!!

After the fireworks, it was time for some Sing Star karaoke!

All in all, a good Fourth of July celebration had by all!


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