Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Bad Blood out Monday! (If you live in Germany...)

It's kind of surreal/weird cause I just realized I have a book release next week except it's in Germany and not here. The fourth vampire book, Bad Blood, will be released on Monday in Germany, six months before it's released in the US.

Obviously for a US writer this is usually the other way around, with the translations releasing later than the originals, but my publisher in Germany has been extremely enthuiastic about the series and is not only putting out Book #4 first, but they've already bought Book #5 (working title: Night School) and will probably want a Book #6, too. So awesome.

Normally during a book release I'd be doing all sorts of promotion, but I don't know the first thing about promoting to Germany - I don't even speak the language! So I guess I just have to leave it up to the publisher and fans to spread the word. My German readers are extremely enthusiastic and I love getting emails from them - even if they have varied success at writing in English. (I wonder sometimes if they put the letters through translator programs.) I just have to make sure none of them post spoilers on MySpace for the US audience to read.

In any case, the release of book #4 has been a long time coming and I'm excited it's finally here! Even if it is in a language I can't read.


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yabooknerd said...

I hope this means that there will be at least a book 6 also in the US. Congrats on your new release! looking forward to reading it...six months from now :)