Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Random stuffz

I can't believe I'll be leaving for the Romantic Times Convention in three weeks! I booked my flight to leave Tuesday at like 5:30 so I can get into Orlando around 8ish. Ali will be picking me up from the airport so we can hang out that night and then Weds AM she will drop me off at the hotel on the way to work. Four days of convention, a whopping six panels, and a ton of costume parties comes next. Should be fun! Liz and I will be rooming together, as per usual. Then Saturday night, after the Dorchester bookseller party, Ali will pick me up and we'll head up to Orlando proper to go goth dancing. On Sunday we're going to go to Disney's Animal Kingdom to try out their new roller coaster. My flight leaves Sunday night at 10:30.

I'm so glad the convention is in Orlando this year!!

In other news, still loving the new apartment. I think I've finally figured out a way to love NYC - by living just outside of it. I like coming into the city to go to work or to go out and then being able to return home to my quiet apartment on the sea. (Okay, it's technically on the Hudson River, I guess, but it feels like the sea...) In any case, it's really nice. Just want the weather to get warm so we can play tennis and bbq on our balcony!

I've been really good about working out, too, since we have the gym in our building. It's so much easier to just go downstairs to work out than to trudge to the gym. I've been running a lot on the treadmill - about five times a week. Will be in good summer shape!

In writing news, I'm working hard on The Camelot Code, my next Dutton book. Also signed on to write a story for Dorchester's "My Zombie Valentine" anthology, which will be released in January 2010. Yes, more zombies! Should be fun to write! I know I said I was done writing adult romance, but how can I resist a(nother) zombie story? :)

That's about all that's going on here!


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yabooknerd said...

The Camelot Code sounds good. Looking forward to it...