Friday, December 05, 2008

Liz and Mar - Honorary Socialites

Last night Liz and I took part in the second annual Luxe Cause - a holiday charity event hosted by socialites Mina Jacqueline Au, Tracy Stern, Anisha Lakahni, and Gillian Hearst. Taking place in Tracy's breathtaking Upper East Side apartment, each partcipant displayed their wares for well-heeled guests to peruse and purchase--all in the name of charity, of course!

Liz and I perched on a window seat, high above the city, and sold copies of our books--the proceeds going to our favorite charities. The people watching alone was amazing--okay, the shoe/boot watching alone was amazing in and of itself. And Liz got to get her tea fix on with Tracy, who, as I've mentioned here before, does the fabulous SalonTea line of products. (I think Liz bought out half her supply.) And we met a ton of really nice people who were so gracious in coming to check out our books.

We even got written up in one of the big Manhattan society blogs, Guest of a Guest--a definite first for me! :)

All in all - a night to remember - and a great cause too! I'm really happy Mina invited us to participate.


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