Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas in Texas

I've been a super lazy blogger this week and I apologize. Just a lot to do to get ready for the holidays!

So this past weekend we headed down to Kingsland, Texas (about an hour outside of Austin) to celebrate Christmas with Jacob's family at their lake house.

They had a gigantic tree that puts ours to shame. Of course, so do their cathedral ceilings.

Texas 009

Jacob's mom had a Christmas stocking all made for me! With my name on it and everything! Made me feel like one of the family. :)

Texas 011

As my dad used to say every morning at Christmas, Uh, oh. I think Santa made a mistake...and left TOO MANY PRESENTS! (This was never true, by the way, since it's literally impossible to ever have too many presents!)

Texas 017

Jacob's sister must know her brother well, judging from the Batman t-shirt she bought him.

Texas 023

Not to mention the Dallas Cowboys baseball hat.

Texas 025

I, myself, got tons of great presents. Some highlights - a gift certificate to the UGGS store online. Can't WAIT to pick out a new pair of boots. I cried when my old ones wore out last year and I to throw them away. We also got a beautiful set of wine glasses and decanter as well as some martini glasses and a mixer. (Perfect for our next party!) I got some great earrings and other jewelry, too. Yay!

Afterwards, we baked like five kinds of cookies.

Texas 029

And got ready for our surf and turf dinner. (I just went with the turf, as I'm allergic to shellfish.) The steak was cooked on the grill and tasted absolutely delicious!!

Texas 030

Jacob's friend Josh came over with his daughter Abbey. So adorable. She loved the Christmas stuffed dog Jacob's mom gave her. It played one Christmas song. And she wanted to hear it over and over and over again.

Texas 031

At night we played games and spent some time in the jacuzzi. Now THAT'S something you don't do on Christmas in New England!

The next day we drove to Dallas to watch the Cowboys beat the Giants. You might remember I had bought the tickets for Jacob (a die-hard Cowboy's fan) for our anniversary. So I was glad the present ended up coming with a win as well.

Texas 001

Texas 007

Texas 044

I liked the Christmas halftime show with the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders.

Texas 047

They're tearing down the stadium after this season, so this was one of the final games. You can buy one of these seats!

Texas 039

All in all, an excellent trip - and a great time to get out of the cold! I never thought in a million years I'd say this, but I really like Texas.

Texas 042


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