Monday, December 22, 2008

Holiday Party!

Since no one's company seems to be throwing holiday parties this year due to the bad economy, Liz and I decided to throw one of our own at The Dove Parlour in the West Village Saturday night.

To make it extra fun, I made up little gift bags for each attendee - stuffed with silly toys and candy you might remember as a kid.

Holiday Party 001

The dress code was swanky - but I decided to add a festive Santa hat just for fun. Here's my "before" pictures, in front of our lovely Christmas tree! As you can see from photo #2, Molly got a holiday haircut earlier in the day. She still doesn't love the santa hat though.

Holiday Party 009

Holiday Party 004

Liz did a cool menswear kind of thing. And Elizabeth wore this amazing vintage Betsy Johnson dress.

Holiday Party 016

After scouring the menu, Stacey and Leanna decided on hot mulled wine. Perfect for a cold, snowy winter's night!

Holiday Party 021

I was very happy to have my friend Jamie stop by! She's a dear old friend I met when I used to live in San Diego.

Holiday Party 030

The talk went far into the night. And while I swear everyone got along just fine, for some reason, everytime we took a candid photo, someone ended up looking kind of mad or surprised.

Holiday Party 024

The gift bags were a great hit. And soon our table was full of toys.

Holiday Party 012

This demonic snowman - inside one of the gift bags, got a lot of attention.

Holiday Party 020

All in all, a fun time was had by all! Happy Holidays everyone!

Holiday Party 034

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