Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Recap

On Christmas morning, Jacob and I woke up, ordered breakfast from our local diner (waffles and scrambled eggs - yum!), and opened our presents.

First up - Jacob gave me beautiful silver earrings from Tiffany's. Aren't they soooo pretty? I really needed some studs for everyday wear - all the earrings I had were dangly.

Christmas Day 006

He also got me what I've been DYING to have forever - a Playstation 3! As you know, I am a gamer girl at heart! And I've been really wanting to play some of the games only available on the Playstation 3 - such as Metal Gear Solid 4. (Which he had bought me as well! I've already logged in quite a few hours this weekend on the game!)

Christmas Day 001

Christmas Day 004

In addition, I got the castle expansion pack to Heroscope - this board game we and our friends like to play. It's a really cool game - where you build your own 3D terrain maps to play on. This set allows you to build a castle to seige.

Christmas Day 005

And last but not least - this cute little skeleton stuffed animal, perfect for the goth girl in me. :)

Christmas Day 003

Isn't he a great gift giver!?!

Here's what I got him:

A photo scanner. He has boxes of photos in the closet he's been hoping to convert to digital.

Christmas Day 008

A Marc Jacobs messenger bag.

Christmas Day 009

And a black cashmere sweater - since he's always cold. :) As you can see it was early in the morning and he's still a bit squinty here as he models it.

Christmas Day 015

Normally I don't put clothing on Molly too much, but I figured she should be festive today. So she's wearing her Old Navy parka that my mom got her one Christmas past.

Christmas Day 014

After that, we started cooking. We'd already cooked a turkey the night before and Jacob had carved all the meat. I took that and made turkey pies. Basically you just take a bottom crust, then add turkey and gravy then add a top crust and bake for a half hour. So delicious and easy - and it's better than just plain turkey because the gravy makes the turkey juicy and tender. Plus everyone loves pie crust. We used to have turkey pies every year at Christmas back home and they're still my favorite meal ever.

We also had mashed potatoes, corn, peas, cranberry sauce, and stuffing. What a feast!

Christmas Day 021

I bought one of those Yule Log DVDs and put it on for atmosphere. It gave the room a really warm feeling - even if there was technically no heat. Oh and note the gorgeous wine glasses and decanter in this photo. Gifts from Jacob's parents that went to very good use.

Christmas Day 019

Liz came over, bearing dessert! A delicious cake for us and some orange jello for Jacob. Sadly I didn't take a photo of the cake - but it was awesome, let me tell you!

Christmas Day 016

After dinner Liz and I loaded up Boogie Superstar on the Wii and had a dance and sing off. Man, that thing is quite a workout! The pics are a bit blurry we were moving so fast! At least you're spared our attempts at singing!! Most of the songs on the disc were ones we never heard of--teeny bopper music like AJ and Ally, so we were improvising quite a bit. Still, it was super fun and we were laughing so hard we could barely sing at times.

Christmas Day 025

Christmas Day 026

Christmas Day 033

Later on, Marcos and Leanna came over and we played a board game called Ticket to Ride that Liz had brought over. Good game if you haven't played it.

And that was pretty much it! A fun, festive holiday in NYC! Couldn't ask for anything more!



Shannon said...

I don't fathom that you'll read this thought, but in case you do ... thank you for making me feel like it is a-ok to be a gamer girl. Not one single girl in my city of a million is also a gamer so I endure the verbal punishment and stand alone. REALLY alone since I'm also 30yo. Thanks for a single moment of unity - and of course for the literary inspiration. Best wishes in 2009.

Marianne Mancusi said...

Yay for Gamer Girls!!! :) What's your game of choice? I used to be a World of Warcraft addict myself. Trying to broaden my horizons these days though. Love console gaming on the Wii and Playstation because it's so social.

None of my girl friends are gamers either, sadly. But I don't mind gaming with the boys! :)

Gamer Girls rock!