Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Fan Fic - Yes or No?

So I know there's always this raging debate about fan fic. Is writing your own stories about characters you love a means to creative expression or stealing from the author?

I know of several teens who write Boys that Bite based fan-fic and have published it on the Internet. And while I feel this should bother me in some way, actually I feel just the opposite. I love that my book inspired kids to write their own stories and express themselves on the page. (Or screen, as it were.)

Here's one example of a budding young author's Boys that Bite inspired story.

What about you guys? Would you be flattered or dismayed if your characters starred in Internet fan fic?


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Kathy said...

Personally, I love fanfic. And I think as long as the person who wrote the fiction is not making money off of it, it's ok. However, making money off of someone else's characters and work is wrong.