Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Writer Drugs

My friend Liz Maverick always says, "A writer's got to have drugs." And no, she doesn't mean the illegal kind. :P The idea is that you're at home, alone, plugging away, discouragements hitting you left and right, and it becomes hard to keep up the motivation. You're a loser. A poser. Why ever did you think you could write books? Maybe you should just give it all up and go be a dentist or something.

Then it happens - you get a fan email, cover art, a new book deal, whatever. Something great happens. And suddenly you're jazzed again, excited about writing, ready to go that extra mile to get it all done. Those, my friends, are the drugs.

I'm happy to say I got some drugs this week - and boy did I need them!

  • My agent sent out my new proposal to editors yesterday!!! So I can obsess about that for the next few months. Imagine my new dream book deal, etc.
  • I got cover art for my October YA "GIRLS THAT GROWL" and it ROCKS. I love it so much. As soon as it's finalized I'll post it.
  • I got invited to speak at the New England RWA conference in April. My talk will be "Not Acting Your Age" and is basically a YA how-to.

So lots and lots of good writer drugs! Now I can keep going!!


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