Friday, October 20, 2006

Friday, Friday!

I finished polishing the first 35 pages of Moongazer and passed them in to my editor this morning. I don't normally pass in books 35 pages at a time, but they're doing excerpt booklets for a special mailing to booksellers and needed some chapters. For two weeks, I've been working overtime to get these pages done. Now I need to get back to Girls that Growl, which I have to pass in mid-November. Then go back and finish Moongazer. Sigh. The deadlines really never end. But the good thing is I LOVE both of these books so they're a pleasure to work on.

I also revised a partial for a new YA book that my new agent will be sending out soon. Currently waiting to hear her thoughts on it. I'm really happy with how it turned out, so hopefully she'll agree!! She's tough - but in a good way! After all, I'd rather have all my submissions perfect before sending them out.

I'm so glad it's Friday - though I'm helping a friend move into her new apartment tomorrow so it won't be all fun and games. But it's all good. I don't mind. I should also try to get some writing done, but I'm really lousy at writing on the weekends. So all in all, probably a mellow weekend. But thats just in preparation for next week's Halloween fun!! Cheer!

Three things on MySpace that bug me:

1) Authors who write erotica who try to friend my teen book. While I have no personal problems with erotica, I don't want to give my 12-17 year old readers easy access to it. PLEASE don't invite me. Invite my adult MySpace page instead. (

2) Authors who spam advertisements in my comments section. I can spot an auto-comment a mile away and it not only annoys me, it makes me not want to buy your book. If you don't have time to comment personally, then don't comment at all. If you want to plug your book - send a bulletin. But don't clutter up MY page with your blatant, non targeted advertisement.

3) People who auto-add you. The guy selling cds for toddlers did not stumble across my profile and say "Hey, she'd be a great friend." And I'm sure the guy writing a literary book about death, sex, and drugs did not say "Hey, here's a teen author who I'd really like to get to know." Bands are notorious for that, too. Using auto-add programs that don't target WHO they're inviting. If you just want a million friends, fine. But everyone I invite to MY MySpace page is invited for a reason. They may like vampire books, they may like Buffy. They may like other authors I do. They may BE other authors I admire. But I've chosen to invite them for a reason. And so if you invite me, I look at your profile and decide whether I want to friend you.

I also am not a HUGE fan of the glitter "Thanks for the add" graphics, but some of them are actually pretty so I'm not putting that on the list. :)


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