Friday, October 13, 2006


I'm currently taking a break from writing GIRLS THAT GROWL to write and polish the first 30 pages of my August book MOONGAZER because Dorchester is putting together special excerpt booklets for the first three books in the new SHOMI line to send to booksellers and needs the excerpts super early for the mailing. It's a great opportunity for some extra promotion so of course I am working overtime to get the partial done.

And I'm having a blast writing it. There's just something about starting a brand new book that I find exhilarating. The joy of meeting the new characters and discovering their personalities. Crafting that perfect beginning. Plotting how the story will unfold.

And this book is extra special cause it's my first foray into speculative fiction. Imagining and creating a brave new post-apocalyptic world from scratch. So much fun--especially for a sci-fi junkie like myself. This is also my first non-comedy, though I can't help but throw in some sardonic humor here and there. It just wouldn't be a "me" book without it. It's also still first person, so it's not a complete departure from my normal style. Basically if you took the voice of a chick lit book and threw it into the Matrix, you'd get something like Moongazer. I think. I hope. Well, you'll see. :)

Anyway, I could go on and on -- I'm really excited about this new project as you can tell. But it's Friday and the 13th and so I'm off to a Friday the 13th movie watching party. Gotta love Jason Voorhees!!!


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Kathy said...

It sounds way cool and I can't wait to read it. As for yesterday being Friday the 13th, how appropriate that it comes in the month of October, the month of Halloween?