Monday, August 03, 2009

Weekend in Boston!

Spent the weekend in Boston with my good friend and fellow former Channel 7 coworker Mary. She lives over in the Navy Yard area in Charlestown now in a really interesting converted condo building.


It used to be a place where they built ships. Hence the narrow width and high ceilings. (Some say it looks more like a converted jail, but the apartments are a lot nicer than cells.)


The lobby and grounds are home to all these bizarre modern art exhibits...For example, a duckie and a light bulb...


The complex also has a pool and she and I, along with her friend Laura who was also visiting, spent Saturday afternoon lying by it and swimming. Was nice to relax. I've been so busy lately! Plus, in NYC you don't get much outdoor time -- especially this year with all the rain we've had!!

After the pool, we changed and headed down to Tavern on the Water, a bar/restaurant that is as its name implies, on the water. It sits on a dock in Boston Harbor, about a hundred yards from Mary's apartment. People pull up on their boats to dine there.

Tavern on the Water

You could see Boston's skyline. Which is not as large as NYC's but still very pretty.

mary and mar / Boston skyline

Mary's friends showed up and one of them, who owns a boat, took us on a midnight cruise around Boston Harbor. It was a beautiful night to be out on a boat. We found a dock just off a small island and hung out there, playing music and dancing. Was so much fun!

Aquapoloza 09


The next day, we headed to Saugus to take the dogs for a hike. There, we met up with my mom and we walked around Breakheart Park. The dogs got to go swimming and Molly had a blast. I took a little video of her and her "water crazies" - even at thirteen and a half she still goes nuts after getting wet. It's so funny. (About 20 seconds into the video she starts going crazy.)

Molly Water Crazies from Marianne Mancusi on Vimeo.

Needless to say, she slept well on the way home!

Tired Molz

In all, a perfect girls weekend was had by all! (Jacob was in New Orleans for a bachelor party.) I can't wait to go back! Summer in Boston is so much fun. It's just too bad it's so cold in the winter!


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