Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Reporting from inside the Evil Empire

Yes, you read that subject right. Today I, diehard Red Sox fan, infiltrated the inner sanctum of the new Yankee stadium. All I can say is - wow.


Don't get me wrong - I love Fenway. It's got history. It's got a green monster. It's got a guy in a green monster suit. And it's...charming. In a 1920s baseball nostalgia kind of way.

But Yankee stadium was definitely a site to see. For one thing - it's HUGE. For another - no obstructed seats.


And for a third - it's got every food item under the sun - which was why I was there.


We were shooting a segment for BETTER about the various food choices at a baseball stadium. It's not just hot dogs and popcorn anymore. Imagine having fresh sushi, garden vegetables, fruit -- even a martini at your seat. OKAY, the martini was part of the LEGENDS club - which only a precious few people get to enter. ($2,500 a seat!)

Here is our intrepid guest host, Food Dude Kevin Roberts, enjoying wine and a martini. Yes, it not only looks like an accident waiting to happen, we did manage to break both those glasses before the shoot ended. Luckily the Yankees were super nice about it!


I must say, The Legends Club was something out of a dream. They had stations of every type of food under the sun. Amazing meats - from prime to even wagu beef. And a dessert bar that not only has delicious gourmet treats - but also penny candy. Yes, all you can eat! We interviewed the Senior Vice President and he told us that even with all the gourmet stuff, often people get most excited about the penny candy.

There was also all-you-can-eat cotton candy. Blue, of course. And really expensive scotches. And everything can be delivered right to your seats, which are, of course, the best in the house.

It was a really fun segment to shoot and they invited us to stay for the game, but unfortunately I had to go to work. And actually I don't really want to see the Yankees beat yet another team after that tragic sweep over the Red Sox last week. :(

That said - it was a fun segment to shoot! And I would love to - just once in my life - live it up in the Legends Club for real!! They got it goin' on. That's for sure.


PS No, dad, don't worry - I'll never turn into a Yankees fan--I swear!!

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