Sunday, April 19, 2009

Went hiking yesterday up by Cold Spring, NY. It was a 5.9 loop that followed the Three Lakes trail and part of the Appalachian Mountain Trail. It was a decent hike, but I think if I did it a second time, I'd do it backwards. The first part was very beautiful, with a nice large lake to sit by and let Molly swim in. The second part was more hilly and rocky and less scenic. You don't want your major climb to be at the end of your hike. But in all, it was very nice - beautiful weather, too! Couldn't ask for a better day. Molly got very muddy so we gave her a bath afterwards. She wasn't thrilled.

We got home and ordered pizza (Jacob gets his with no cheese!) and watched Return of the Living Dead Part 3, which was actually a decent horror movie. Much better than the first two, which tried to be funny and ended up just being silly/cheesy. It's okay if horror movies are unintentionally funny cause they're just so bad - but when they TRY to make them funny, they just fall flat. With the exception of Shaun of the Dead. That was truly funny. Oh and Evil Dead is pretty funny, too. In any case, we're going through all the zombie films because I'm currently writing a zombie story for a romantic comedy anthology called "My Zombie Valentine" which will be out in January. My story takes place on the set of a zombie film.

It's supposed to be yucky and overcast today - I guess we get only one day of good weather at a time. At least I'm going to Orlando on Tuesday for the Romantic Times Convention. Of course you know the second I get there, the weather in New York will get nice. That's always how it happens. But hey, then at least Jacob can benefit!



Tez Miller said...

THAT's Molly?! She looks so different from when she's...unwashed ;-)

Dona Sarkar-Mishra said...

She's so cute...speaking of, Mari, where are your haircut pics? I'm dying to see!

Marianne Mancusi said...

hehe - I know! I need to post some!! Will take some at RT! :) It's sooo different!

Dorothy said...

Molly still looks and acts like a spring chicken - takes after her grandma :)
Glad you had fun hiking. I can't wait to do some climbs when I get to New England.