Thursday, April 16, 2009

Weekly wrap-up

Sorry for the lack of blog updates. I think my twitter obsession is making blogging feel like a chore. I mean, why write a whole post when I can just update with a one-liner on Twitter? Which reminds me, I'm mariannemancusi on Twitter if you want to follow me. :)

For those of you following old skool style on the blog, here's my week in a nutshell.

Easter - good. Bought a honey baked ham and brought it to Chris's for dinner. For the record, I don't like ham. But I know everyone else does and so I made the ham sacrifice. I filled up on delicious potatoes and vegetables and two helpings of ice cream sundaes so don't feel bad for me! :)

Tuesday I shot a segment at Rosa Mexicano on Cinco de Mayo food and drinks. Yum! They made some Ceviche with tuna that was extremely delish! I love that place - Jacob and I last went there for Valentine's Day. Dying to go back already!

Tuesday night I met up with Leanna and we went to Vynl - this hipster diner on the west side that features classic musical memorabilia. The menus are made out of old record covers and the bathrooms are shrines to various musicians like Elvis or Boy George. (They even play a song by the featured musician in the stall!)

Tuesday was the only night I didn't go to the gym, by the way. Have turned into a regular gym rat with the fitness center right downstairs from my apartment. I ran five miles on Monday! Signed up for a 5k race in June through my company, too.

Jacob's been going to the gym with me too. Except for last night, after him and his friends had a contest as to who could eat a triple king Fatburger the fastest. That's 1.5 pounds of hamburger, people! Jacob got third place and was kind of ill the rest of the evening. I feel sick even thinking about it!

This weekend we're going to try to go hiking up in the Cold Spring area on Saturday since we FINALLY have some good weather on the way!! It's supposed to be 70 and sunny. Fingers crossed! Molly will definitely enjoy a romp in the woods.

Speaking of Molly, she's been a vast help at devouring the leftover honey baked ham. I guess I owe her one!

That's about all for now! I'll try to post again soon!


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